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Medical Billing Need

The reimbursement from insurance payers can be a tricky and complex. The healthcare industry is evolving at a quick pace, requiring physicians to adjust accordingly. Medical practices face delays in reimbursement due to constant changes in payer’s policies and guidelines. They may not also have a designated biller who is responsible solely on billing and follow-up for insurance claims. Furthermore, medical practices can lose massive amounts of reimbursement in the form of unclaimed revenue if they do not have the proper skillset and experience.

How We can Help

At Megatronix LLP, we ensure that providers get paid for every service they perform. We encourage our clients to focus on patient care while we are managing their entire billing process. Our hands-on expertise enables medical practices to claim any recoverable revenue from payers.

We believe in submitting clean claim first time, thus allowing our providers to get paid in a timely manner with minimum possibilities of denials. We believe in following best medical billing protocols and ensure faster cash turnout for our clients. Our medical billing and coding experts evaluate every claim before submitting it to payers.

Our Skills

We believe in transparency when it comes to reporting. This presents a bird’s eye view for physicians to understand the financial health of their practice. Our services are built upon the best practices of medical billing and health insurance claims processing.

We are partnered with an industry leading EHR/EMR software provider that ensures smooth medical billing operations. What sets us apart from other medical billing companies is our ability to look for opportunities to streamline and improve the overall efficiency of a practice.